React as a bridge between UX and development

Code complexity is often the reason behind the DISTANCE BETWEEN UX AND DEVELOPMENT. It indeed worries developers and tends to make them hostile to new UX features and improvements.
Designers and developers typically do not share the same awareness about code complexity and this is likely to generate frustration on both sides. David will show the role REACT might have in aligning designers' and developers' points of view about UI components, in order to AVOID CODE COMPLEXITY AT AN EARLY STAGE.

David Sorrentino


David Sorrentino was Born in Naples. Lived in 9 different towns across Europe in the last 12 years.
In love with functional programming. JavaScript fanatic. Passionate about ancient languages. Swimmer. Basketball player. Dreamer. Karma believer. He keeps telling people he's a good guitarist, but deep inside he knows it's a lie.