The People-Side of Digital Transformation

How to ensure your digital transformation survives engagement with people.

Digital transformations mean organizational change, but organizations do not change; people do. So digital transformation means changing people—and people hate to change.


  • How can we help people understand the What, Why, and How of a digital transformation?
  • How can we re-align our organizational culture, processes, and practices?
  • How can we create change at scale, reaching 100, 1,000, or even 100,000 people?


Dave will share XPLANE’s tools and techniques for driving the people-side of organizational change and digital transformation. He will share a recent case study that:

  • Demonstrates the tools and techniques in action;
  • Explains the communication and engagement approach used;
  • And shares the results and key learnings from the change program.
Dave King

Dave King Linkedin

Dave is a design- and visual-thinking strategist with over 20 years experience in creative and professional services organizations. He has been with XPLANE for ten years and held the roles of director of interactive design and vice president of client services. He currently heads XPLANE’s European office and works as a principal consultant on client programs ranging from strategic planning and process design to culture change and organizational transformation. Key clients include: ICANN, BP, Vodafone, UPS, Intel, Nike, and IHG.

Prior to XPLANE, Dave worked in San Francisco from 1995-2005, where he held leadership roles at ad agencies and several technology start-ups. He has led the design, development and launch of numerous products, services, and campaigns for clients like HP, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Nestlé.

Dave lives in Amsterdam and is currently co-authoring a book on the use of design thinking in organizational process design and improvement. He holds a BA in theater design from Colorado College, and did MBA work at Portland State University.