Making it Work: Creating a Design System that People Actually Use

Despite our best intentions, sometimes the work we do - whether it’s design or development - just doesn’t get used.

Sometimes it’s due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes it’s because of fundamental process or communication issues, and sometimes it’s down to the implementation. When it comes to design systems, these challenges can be even more difficult because by definition, people from multiple disciplines and teams need to collaborate and be invested in the solution.

Stylabilla is the design system created at Usabilla, an international feedback solutions company. Rebecca will share the story of it’s creation, and explain to you why she thinks it worked, and why developers, designers and product owners have embraced it across the company.

Rebecca Hill

Linkedin Rebecca Hill

Front-end developer and team lead at Usabilla, building feedback software to help companies get better insights into the experiences of their users. Originally from New Zealand, now based in Amsterdam, Rebecca is not-so-secretly helping JavaScript take over the world :)