Humanazing Chatbot. A New Methodology Blending: Personality, Conversation and Technology.

What is Conversational Marketing? Maybe the process of having real-time, one-to-one conversations in order to capture, qualify, and connect with your best leads? It sounds like it. For this reason the designer’s job insn’t to be a storyteller, but to be a storylistener. Because the essence of a conversation is: people listening to each other. But how can we do it with a chatbot?


The goal of the session is to show how an advanced conversational experience is
already possible today, despite the difficulties, and what are the themes related to design, methodology and technology necessary to make it happen.


Speakers: Ivan Fadini (Partner - Open Reply), Niccolò Magnani (Partner - Triplesense Reply), Francesco Milanesio (Excutive Creative and Design Director – Triplesense Reply)