Design Engineers

The future of design tooling and process

Developers tools have exploded in the past couple of decades, a lot of people are focused on improving and optimising the way developers works. There is even a new term associated to it: DX for developer experience.

However, in the same time, designers didn't get much. Sure, working with Sketch is a joy but that's only a small part of the job of designer.

Developers and Designers are two faces of a same coin and are a lot more alike that one might think at first. 

What makes a developer a software engineer isn't writing code, it's all the process around. Let's see how designers can become design engineers through tools and processes.

Mathieu Dutour

Mathieu Dutour

Software Engineer @Bohemian Coding, working on the Sketch plugins ecosystem and react-sketchapp. Creates tools for developers who creates tools for designers. Founder of Kactus, a tool which provide true design version control. It manages changes, document work and keep your team in sync.