DEED - Development & Design Approach

There’s a time when conflicts between designers and developers come to life. It is usually when the *Design process* ends and the *Development process* starts.

In this speech we will explore co-design techniques that will allow Developers and Designers to share insights, visions, and ideas since the very beginning of the Design Process where Development is included as a founding ingredient. It will lead to shared and feasible solutions based on research Insights and user needs. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


* putting every stakeholder on the same page;

* sharing User Research insights also in a Dev-flavored lens;

* sharing Design ideas;

* check for technical sustainability;

* evaluate and map complexity of each solution.




Carlo Frinolli

Carlo Frinolli

Head of Design, CEO and Founder at nois3, he works, teaches and lives in Rome - not necessarily in this order. He likes to do stuff and experiment with them both in the daily job and life.

He leads nois3, founded in 2013 together with 4 partners, after a couple of other Design firms. He feeds himself with Human Centered Design and Co-Design, and he learns these by applying it, teaching and practicing it anytime he can.